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Beaded DreamCatcher
Lovely beaded Native American dreamcatcher; Purple and brass beads on brass ring; deer sinew; deerhide and wood bead feather tie; turquoise feather; Diameter, 3"; Artist unknown
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Ojibwe Turtle Shell DreamCatcher
Beautiful turtle shell dreamcatcher; turtle shell, deer sinew, buckskin; multicolored trade bead in center of web; yellow and white beads decorate fringe; Width, 6", Length, 17" with fringe; Artist unknown.
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Ojibwe Red Willow DreamCatcher
Traditional Ojibwe Red Willow twig Dreamcatcher; Red beads; Width, 6 1/2", Length, 8"; Artist Unknown
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Buckskin DreamCatcher
Beautiful traditional dreamcatcher; dark brown buckskin, deer sinew; brown, mixed, and yellow feathers; Diameter, 9 1/2"; Artist, Tom, Gray Elk, Rael
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Beaded Medicine Wheel
Beautiful bead and quill Medicine Wheel; Represents the four stages of life--infancy, youth, middle age, old age; Also represents the four directions; North-Blue- Winter, South-white-summer, East-Red-Autumn,West-Black-Spring; A symbol of health and wholeness of spirit; Diameter, 5"; Multicolored beads; small feathers; porcupine quills; shells; Possibly Cherokee
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